Narrow Rope Tabletop Frame

$ 33.99
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Featured is our Narrow Rope frame. This wooden frame is available in a wide variety of sizes and is a wonderful, understated narrow profile.

Frame Moulding Width: 5/8"

This frame is made to stand.

Frames include glass, backing, and easelback. This frame is available with the easelback option in the three sizes listed. We offer this frame in a variety of sizes as a wall-mounted frame as well.

Frame size is determined by the size artwork the frame will hold. For example, if your artwork is 8x10, choose an 8x10 frame.

The approximate visible area of the artwork will be approximately 1/2 inch smaller than the size of the frame. For example, the visible area of an 8x10 frame is 7.5x9.5, due to the lip of the frame that holds in the glass and artwork.